General presentation of the Laquintinie Hospital of Douala


Laquintinie hospital is located in the heart of the district of Akwa. It extends over nine hectares it is a hospital of reference of second category. Its mission is to provide medical and medical health care qualitative and quantitative daily cases and adapted response at major events : be they sporting events, disasters or epidemics. 

​In fact its offer of care and services convers a wide range of specialities organized within the departments as follows :

- The department of hygiene and medical sanitary technology with its flagship services such as the maintenance of medical equipment central, sterilization and hospital and environnemental hygiene ;

- The department of obstetric gynecology with its maternity and maternity protection services ;

- The department of paediatrics with its neanatology department, which houses a reference kangaroo baby unit in Central Africa and its sickle cell care center ;

- The department of medecine with 09 specialist departments : cardiology and neurology that stand out with their intensive care unit gastroenterology, psychiatry, rheumatology and dermatology ;

- The department of surgery and discipline affinity with 6 departments : pediatric, surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, ophtalmology directed by an associate professor specialized in orbit surgery urology, orthopedics and traumatology becoming a reference for the subregion with regard to the services and equipment devolved to it and general surgery ;

- Department of multidisciplinary care and services with 05 services : the approved treatment center for PHAs, oncology, outpatient clinics,high and mid-level hospitalization and health care and services with a health unit and safety personnel ;

- The department of science and supporting diagnosis and treatmemt with its 05 services: the clinical biology department engaged in a WHO certification process and already having a star, pharmacy department and imaging and Exploration service Functional system equipped, among other things, with a 16-bar scanner, the anatomopathology service that effectivly covers the thanapraxy unit which is of great help in judicial investigations and then the blood bank whose sub-regional reference is acquired ;

- The department emergency-anesthesiology and reanimation with its 02 services is a center of excellence for the management of medical and surgical emergencies. In addition the unit of resuscitation is the largest of the city of Douala with a capacity of about 16 beds ;

- The department of quality, studies and cooperation with its two departments are in charge of quality and one dedicated to studies and cooperation.

Technical and administrative organization 

1-the legislative body
-the management committee
2-executive body
The director
3- technical organization
The medical advisor
Heads of departments
Heads of technical services
General coordination of paramedical care
General coordinator of paramedical care
The assistant coordinators
The majors
Iv_administrative organization
Heads of administrative services
Heads of offices

The  committees

* The management committee
* The medical committee
* The council of majors
* The disciplinary board
* The treasury committee
* The local anti _corruption unit
* The standing committee on drugs
* The Harpo vigilance committee
* The epidemic and disaster management committee
* The committee of hospital hygiene and the control of nosocomial infections
* The institutional ethics committee
 * The research committee

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