Address by the Director of the Laquintinie Hospital

        Place for innovation !!!

     The events that have tainted the reputation of our august institution are now far behind us. In order to improve the "coat of arms" of Laquintinie Hospital, we had put in place an emergency plan. It was a matter of ensuring the safety of human beings and properties; clean up the hospital environment, improve patient stay in the hospital and secure our income.

     We have cut down a work considered as titanic by some observers in barely a year. Today we have as reasons for satisfaction, the eradication of the scourge of the whiskers, the eviction of hearses in the surroundings and the fight against bad practices. From now on, the Laquintinie hospital of Douala benefits from a video surveillance system, a new contractualized guardianship company, a reception-orientation system, a tariff according to the nomenclature in force on an act-by-act basis and on Unit, improved internal signage and a healthy environment for patients.

    Indicators of a new vitality of the hospital are visible. The outpatient clinic is not empty. The turn-over in terms of bed occupancy is remarkable. Hospital partners are back and the hospital's revenue is growing. The medical and paramedical corps is devoted to its task. The congratulations of the Head of State on the management and the care of the injured of the Eseka accident, confirm this position.

     Since no human work is perfect, the Laquintinie Hospital of Douala crystallizes three major permanent issues :

  • the cult of ethics; of medical and paramedical deontology ;
  • equal opportunities in access to care ;
  • continuous medical and paramedical training.

​     In order to adapt ourselves to the new digital reality, we have set up this website with the aim of serving as an interface for exchanges between the colleagues and our patients. It is a space that will enable users to learn more about good medical practices and facilitate their appropriation of the new approach to innovation at the Laquintinie Hospital of Douala.

     This website is a forum for exchange. All constructive criticism is welcome since the Laquintinie hospital is part of logic of listening to patients with a view to their full satisfaction.

      Finally, this internet portal is a tool of renovation thanks to which the Laquintinie hospital of Douala wants to reinvent itself.

      Our perspectives are numerous :

  • make appointments online ;
  • telemedicine ;
  • the client space ;
  • the partner area, etc.

     The support and accompaniment of all is necessary for that radiates the Laquintinie hospital  in the best interest of the health of all.

The director

Professor Louis RICHARD NJOCK

Espace publicitaire
Espace publicitaire